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Musicology Colloquium, 2016-17

The Catholic University Musicology Colloquium was instituted in Fall 2005 as an important component of the graduate program in musicology.  At colloquium meetings, students are given the opportunity to meet guest speakers from around the country, who present their recent research and/or discuss important aspects of musicological research and the field of musicology in general.  CUA graduate students also have the opportunity to present their own original research.  Colloquium not only allows students to make important contacts with renowned scholars, but it also introduces them to important aspects of life as a musicologist.  In addition, it helps foster a sense of community among the students and faculty in the Musicology Division.

Colloquium meets on Wednesdays from 11:00 until noon in Ward Hall, room 211. Click here for an archive of Colloquium meetings from previous years.

Spring 2017

January 11: Dr. Ralph Locke (Professor Emeritus of Musicology, Eastman School of Music), "Alexander the Great and the Indian Rajah Puru: Exoticism in a Metastasio Libretto as Set by Hasse and by Handel"

January 18: Dr. Olga Haldey (Associate Professor of Musicology, University of Maryland, College Park), "'Bach is a Great Responsibility': The B-Minor Mass and Other Classics in the Maksimova-Vasiliev Film Fouetté (1986)"

January 25: Dr. Anna Harwell Celenza (Thomas E. Caestecker Professor of Music, Georgetown University), "Jazz Italian Style: From Its Origins in New Orleans to Fascist Italy and Sinatra"

February 1: Dr. Matthew Franke (Lecturer, Howard University), "The Reception of Translated Opera: A Theoretical Introduction and Some Practical Examples"

February 8: Dr. Ascensión Mazuela-Anguita (Institució Milà i Fontanals, CSIC), "Urban Convents and Music Networks in Early Modern Barcelona"

February 15: Natalie Barsoum (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Sacred Music in the Liturgy in the Light of Tra le sollecitudini, Mediator Dei, Sacrosanctum concilium, and the Writings of Pope Benedict XVI" 

February 22: Lillian Blotkamp (Ph.D. candidate, Washington University in St. Louis), "'Heer vader hebt den ewigen loff': Liturgy in the Life and Song of the Devotio Moderna"

March 1: Dr. John Edward Hasse (Curator of American Music, Smithsonian Institution), "Curating American Music"

March 15: Janet McKinney (Ira and Leonore S. Gershwin Trust Archivist, Library of Congress), "My Irish Song of Songs: Irish-American Identity in Popular Song and Musical Theater"

March 29: Dr. Andrew H. Weaver (Professor of Musicology, CUA), "The Pleasures and Perils of Source Studies, with Examples from the Seventeenth and Nineteenth Centuries"

April 5: Dr. Jacqueline Avila (Assistant Professor of Musicology, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville), "Desire and Nostalgia: The Musicalization of Womanhood in Mexican Cinema (1931-1952)"

April 19: Dr. Arne Spohr (Associate Professor of Musicology, Bowling Green State University), "Privileged Dependency: The Legal and Social Position of Black Court Trumpeters in Seventeenth-Century Germany"

April 26: Christine An (senior, CUA), "Evidence of Gottfried von Strassburg and Schopenhauer in Wagner's Tristan und Isolde"


Fall 2016

September 7: Dr. Marica Tacconi (Professor of Musicology and Associate Director of the School of Music, Pennsylvania State University), "The Service Books of the Florentine Cathedral: Art, Music, and Ritual in Late Medieval and Renaissance Florence (ca. 1150-1526)"

September 21: Dr. Michael Austin (Assistant Professor of Media, Journalism, and Film, Howard University), "How to Make a Prison Video If You've Never Been to Prison: Representing the Incarcerated in Music Videos"

September 28: Dr. Loren Ludwig, "'Marketh it well': William Bathe's Table (1596) and Experimental Practice"

October 5: Dr. Christina Taylor Gibson (adjunct instructor, CUA), "Mabel Dodge Luhan, Carlos Chávez, and Whirling around Mexico"

October 12: Dr. David Andrés Fernández (Professor, Universidad Austral de Chile), "Plainchant Sources in Chile from the Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century"

October 19: Dr. Lars Helgert (adjunct instructor, CUA), "Music Scholarship and Music Publishers: Common Problems and Potential Solutions"

October 26: Dr. Sara Pecknold (Clinical Assistant Professor of Musicology, CUA), "Pretiosissimo sangue: Giulio Strozzi and the Sacri musicali affetti (1655)"

November 16: Dr. Grayson Wagstaff (Professor of Musicology and Dean of the Benjamin T. Rome School of Music, CUA), "Manuel de Falla, Roberto Sierra, Catholicism, Nationalism, and On Being from the Fringe." PLEASE NOTE: This session was originally scheduled for Nov. 9.

November 30: Dr. Esperanza Berrocal (adjunct instructor, CUA), "Ricardo Viñes and Enrique Granados: A Documented Friendship" PLEASE NOTE: This session was originally scheduled for Nov. 16.

December 7: Joseph Mann (Ph.D. candidate, CUA), "'What built a World, may sure repair a State': Royalist Propaganda Music in the English Interregnum"


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