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Musicology Colloquium, 2017-18

The Catholic University Musicology Colloquium was instituted in Fall 2005 as an important component of the graduate program in musicology.  At colloquium meetings, students are given the opportunity to meet guest speakers from around the country, who present their recent research and/or discuss important aspects of musicological research and the field of musicology in general.  CUA graduate students also have the opportunity to present their own original research.  Colloquium not only allows students to make important contacts with renowned scholars, but it also introduces them to important aspects of life as a musicologist.  In addition, it helps foster a sense of community among the students and faculty in the Musicology Division.

Colloquium meets on Wednesdays from 11:00 until noon in Ward Hall, room 211. Click here for an archive of Colloquium meetings from previous years.


Spring 2018

January 10: Dr. Amy Wlodarski (Associate Professor of Music, Dickinson College), "George Rochberg: The Long Road to Ars Combinatoria"

January 24: Dr. Rebecca Cypess (Associate Professor of Musicology, Rutgers University), "Agency and Authorship in the Late Eighteenth-Century Salon: Two Case Studies"

February 7: Dr. William Robin (Assistant Professor of Music, University of Maryland, College Park), "‘A New Romanticism?’: The New York Philharmonic’s 1983 Horizons Festival and the Composer in the Marketplace"

February 14: Dr. Emily H. Green (Assistant Professor of Music, George Mason University), "Was Printed Music a Luxury Commodity in the Eighteenth Century?"

February 21: Dr. Christina Taylor Gibson (Lecturer in Musicology, CUA), "Neoclassicism, Psychoanalysis, and the Mythic Heroine in Martha Graham and Carlos Chávez’s Dark Meadow"

February 28: Joy-Leilani Garbutt (Ph.D. candidate, CUA), "Les Femmes Françaises et l’Orgue: French Organists, Composers, and Performers, 1872–1954"

March 14: Dr. Erika Honisch (Assistant Professor of Music History and Theory, Stony Brook University), "The End of Harmony: Music, Sound, and Religious Pluralism in Early Modern Prague" 

April 4: David Ottinger (Ph.D. candidate, CUA), “Form in Progressive Rock”  NOTE: This session was originally scheduled for March 21

April 11: Dr. Eric Bianchi (Assistant Professor of Music, Fordham University), “The Miraculous, the Ordinary, and the Impossible: Athanasius Kircher and the Language of the Musical Modes”

April 18: Peter Kohanski (senior music history major, CUA), "Water Parties, Fireworks, and Royal Public Image: Re-evaluating Handel's Instrumental Music in London"  NOTE: This session will take place in room 139

April 25: Laura Curl (M.A. student, CUA), "Aesthetic Principles of Franck and Wagner in Henri Duparc's MélodieNOTE: This session will take place in room 139 at 1:00 pm


Fall 2017

September 20: Dr. Alanna Ropchock Tierno (Auxiliary Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music History, Shenandoah University), "Early Lutheran Perspectives of the Polyphonic Mass from the Johann Walter Choirbooks"

September 27: Greg Martin (independent scholar), "The Record and How It Created a New Dialectic in Music: The Paradigm Shift Introduced by Recording Technology"

October 11: Dr. Karen Uslin (Adjunct Professor of Music History, Rowan University), "Reviewing Music of the Abyss: The Terezin Music Critiques of Viktor Ullmann"

October 18: Dr. Bonny Miller (independent scholar), "From Russia to Paris via New York: An Antebellum Fantasia"

October 25: Dr. Angela Mace-Christian (independent scholar), "Mendelssohn and Weber: Youthful Impressions and Mature Aesthetics"

November 8: Dr. Teresa Gialdroni (Associate Professor of Musicology, University of Rome - Tor Vergata), "The Seventeenth-Century Chamber Cantata in  Naples: A Historiographic Gap That Must Be Filled"

November 15: Dr. Huib Schippers (Director and Curator, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings), "Music Sustainability: An Ecological Approach"

December 6: Matthew Gabay (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Finding Nuremberg: Pre-Dissertation Journeys, Summer 2017"


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