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Musicology Courses to be Offered at The Catholic University of America, 2017-18

Please note that this list is subject to change.  Please check Cardinal Station for the most up-to-date list of course offerings.


Fall 2017

Music Literature (MUS 131) (Mr. Thomas Rohde), Tu/Th 2:10-3:25

History of Music I (MUS 325) (Dr. Andrew H. Weaver), Tu/Th 11:10-12:25

Honors Music History I (HSMU 325) (Dr. Andrew H. Weaver), Tu/Th 11:10-12:25

History of Music III (MUS 327) (Dr. Christina Taylor Gibson), Tu/Th 11:10-12:25

Graduate Music History Review (MUS 490) (Dr. Sara Pecknold), Mo 12:40-3:10

Music in the Classical Period (MUS 537C) (Dr. Sara Pecknold), We 12:40-3:10

Music in the Romantic Period (MUS 537D) (Dr. Andrew H. Weaver), Mo 5:10-7:40

Music of the Holocaust Era, 1935-1945 (MUS 564) (Prof. Murry Sidlin), Tu/Th 11:10-12:25

20th-Century Ibero-American Music (MUS 586) (Dr. Esperanza Berrocal), Th 9:40-12:10

Music Theory Seminar: Topic Post-Tonal French Music and Thought (MUS 720A) (Dr. Robert Baker), We 3:40-6:10

Research Methodology (MUS 731) (Dr. Sara Pecknold), Th 12:40-3:10


Spring 2018

Music Literature (MUS 131) (Mr. Thomas Rodhe), Tu/Th 2:10-3:25

Music History II (MUS 326) (Dr. Sara Pecknold), Tu/Th 11:10-12:25

Music since 1900 (MUS 537E) (Dr. Christina Taylor Gibson), Th 12:40-3:10

History of Opera (MUS 553) (Dr. Sara Pecknold), We 12:40-3:10

Music in the Andes (MUS 586A) (Dr. Esperanza Berrocal), Th 9:40-12:10

Musical Paleography (MUS 729) (Dr. Sara Pecknold), We 3:40-6:10

Music History Seminar: Music and Poetry in Robert Schumann's Lieder (MUS 720) (Dr. Andrew H. Weaver), Mo 12:40-3:10 


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