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Musicology News, 2009-10

Spring 2010

  • Dr. Grayson Wagstaff is appointed Dean of the School of Music, effective May 2010.  Dr. Andrew H. Weaver is appointed Chair of the Musicology Division.
  • Ph.D. candidate Alicia Kopfstein-Penk wins the Lowens Award for student research at the Spring Meeting of the Capital Chapter of the American Musicological Society, April 17. The title of her winning paper is "Leonard Bernstein’s Young People’s Concerts as Political and Social Activism." M.A. student Matthew Wallace is also a finalist for the award.
  • Ph.D. student Ken Stilwell is elected as Student Representative of the Capital Chapter of the American Musicological Society.

Fall 2009

  • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver publishes the article, "Poetry, Music and Fremdartigkeit in Robert Schumann's Hans Christian Andersen Songs, op. 40," Nineteenth-Century Music Review 6, no. 2 (December 2009): 41-69.
  • Dr. Andrew H. Weaver travels to the Netherlands to present a paper at the international conference, "Sacred Music in the Habsburg Empire 1619-1740 and Its Contexts," held at Roosevelt Academy in Middelburg from November 4-7.  The title of his paper is "Representing the Emperor in Sound: Sacred Music as Public Image for Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III at the End of the Thirty Years' War."


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