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Musicology Events in 2006-07


Spring 2007 

12 January: Ph.D. student Angeline Smith hosts a Musicology Potluck Dinner at her home, 6:00 pm.

11-18 March: The Catholic University President's Festival of the Arts presents "The Politics of Comedy," featuring Leonard Bernstein's Candide, a chamber music concert by CUA faculty and graduate students, film screenings, and lectures and roundtable discussions by scholars Elizabeth B. Crist (Princeton University), Jennifer Tsien (University of Virginia), and others.  Click here for more information; click here for an article on the festival in Inside CUA.

28 April: Spring Meeting of the Capital Chapter of the American Musicological Society at the University of Baltimore, at which Ph.D. student Ken Stilwell is a finalist for the Lowens Award for student research.  Click here for the program and abstracts.

1 May: CUA Musicology Lunch at Colonel Brook's Tavern, noon.

12 May: University Commencement Exercises.


Fall 2006

30 September: Fall Meeting of the Capital Chapter of the American Musicological Society at American University, at which Ph.D. student Karen Uslin is giving a paper.  Click here for the program and abstracts.

29 October: The CUA Opera Theatre presents an Opera Preview for Handel's Giulio Cesare in Egitto, featuring aria performances by cast members with commentary by Dr. Andrew H. Weaver, stage director Jamie Roberts, and music director Joel Lazar.  Ward Recital Hall, 8:00 pm.

2-5 November: Annual Meeting of the American Musicological Society, Los Angeles.  We will meet for a CUA musicology lunch at noon on Saturday 4 November.

12 December: CUA Musicology Holiday Lunch, Colonel Brook's Tavern, 12:30 pm.


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