The Catholic University of America

Musicology Colloquium, 2011-12

Spring 2012

12 January: Karen Uslin (Ph.D. candidate, CUA), “We Shall Sing: Rafael Schächter’s Defiant Requiem in Terezín"

2 February: Dr. Andrew Talle (Faculty Member, The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University), “The Daily Life of an Organist in Eighteenth-Century Germany"

9 February: Dr. Gayle Murchison (Associate Professor, the College of William and Mary), “From Alabama to Points West: A Case of Copland's Self-Borrowing and Its Narrative Implications”

16 February: Dr. Thomas Dunn (Independent Scholar, Washington, DC), “Vittori Revisits Galatea: Aesthetic Play, Pardoning Cupid, and Seeking a New Patron

23 February: Dr. Roberta Montemorra Marvin (Associate Dean of International Programs, University of Iowa), "The Politics of Verdi's Cantica"

1 March: Dr. Barbara Haggh-Huglo (Professor, University of Maryland, College Park), “Medieval Vespers in the Modern Church? Three Case Studies”

15 March: Dr. Joan Grimbert (Professor of French and Medieval Studies, CUA), “Tristan und Isolde: Wagner’s Romantic Vision of the Lovers and its Impact on our Perception of the Legend”

22 March: Dr. Cristina Magaldi (Associate Professor, Towson University), "Massenet and the World: A View from Rio de Janeiro at the Turn of the 20th Century"

29 March: Dr. Sandra Johnson (Visiting Professor of Music, Miami University of Ohio), “Toward a Model for a Philosophy of Music: Lessons from Augustine and Hindemith”

12 April: Dr. Allan Atlas (Distinguished Professor, the Graduate Center, City University of New York), “The Serious Concertina: A Lecture-Recital

19 April: Dr. Deborah Schwartz-Kates (Associate Professor and Chair of Musicology, the University of Miami), "The Construction of an Argentine Musical Language in the Early Music of Alberto Ginastera"

26 April: Dr. Patrick Warfield (Assistant Professor, University of Maryland, College Park), “Rethinking the Orchestra: An Amateur Ensemble in Late-Nineteenth-Century Washington, DC”

Fall 2011

15 September: Dr. Andrew H. Weaver (Associate Professor, CUA), " 'Da hab ich ihr gestanden': Framing the Narrative Voice in Dichterliebe"

22 September: Caitlin Miller (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Killing Him Softly (or Fiercely) with Her Song: Two Musical Settings of Heine's Lorelei"

29 September: Sara Pecknold (Ph.D. student, CUA), " 'On lightest leaves do I fly': Barbara Strozzi, Anne of Austria, and I sacri musicali affetti (1655)"

13 October: Dr. Markand Thacker (co-director of graduate conducting, Peabody Conservatory), "Really? Analyzing Can Help me Play (Conduct, Compose) More Beautifully?"

20 October: Dr. Susan Boynton (Associate Professor, Columbia University), "Restoration or Invention? The Mozarabic and Neo-Mozarabic Chant in Toledo"

27 October: Mark Eden Horowitz (Senior Music Specialist, Library of Congress; Adjunct Faculty, CUA), "Secrets of Researching in the Music Division of the Library of Congress, with a Particular Emphasis on the Leonard Bernstein Collection"

3 November: Dr. Richard Wexler (Professor, University of Maryland, College Park), "We Are Singers Seeking Employment: A Renaissance Advertisement"

17 November: Gregg Martin (MM alumnus, CUA), "Provocative Electronics: Professor Emerson Meyers, Electronic Music, and the Creation of The Catholic University of America's Electronic Music Laboratory"

1 December: Rachel McNellis (BM student, CUA), "The Dominican Office of the Most Holy Rosary: Textual, Musical, and Iconographic Representation of Mary as the New Eve."


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