The Catholic University of America

Musicology Colloquium, 2010-11

Spring 2011

13 January: Dr. Christina Taylor Gibson (Faculty member, CUA), "Dancing his Way into US Culture: Chavez and H.P."

20 January: Dr. Annegret Fauser (Professor, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "'I Hear America Singing...': Yankee Tunesmiths, Folksong, and the Creation of New Music During World War II"

3 February: Dr. Georgia J. Cowart (Professor, Case Western Reserve University), "Staging the Opera Audience in the Era of Louis XIV"

10 February: Marilyn Maturani (M.A. student, CUA), "Passionate Ending: Reassessing the Rejected Finale of Robert Schumann's Op. 22 Piano Sonata"

17 February: Laura Yust (M.A. student, CUA), "Johanna Beyer's Association with Henry Cowell"

24 February: Dr. Tim Carter (David G. Frey Distinguished Professor of Music, The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill), "How (Not?) to Write an Opera: The Case of Mozart's Idomeneo (1781)"

3 March: David Ottinger (M.A. student, CUA), "Summer Marches In: The Fin de siècle in Mahler's Third Symphony"

17 March: Dr. Glenda Dawn Goss (Sibelius Academy, Helsinki), "Biography in Musical Scholarship Today"

24 March: Dr. Natalie Zelensky (Independent Scholar), "Old Russia in New York City: Music, the White Émigrés, and the Russian Church in Harlem"

31 March: Dr. Jonathan Gibson (Associate Professor, James Madison University), "Music and Rhetoric Reconsidered: The Case of Lully’s France"

7 April: Dr. Susan Forscher Weiss (Chair of Musicology, The Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University), "Reading and Writing Between the Lines: Evidence of Musical Literacy and Networks of Teachers and Students in Sixteenth-Century Printed Books"

14 April: Dr. Sterling Lambert (Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of Maryland), "Mendelssohn's 'Marian' Symphony"

28 April: Dr. Olga Haldey (Assistant Professor, The University of Maryland, College Park), "Dialogo della Musica Antica et della Moderna, Take 2: The 'Old' at the Roots of Early Twentieth-Century Modernism"


Fall 2010

16 September: Dr. Tom C. Owens (Associate Professor, George Mason University), "Concord and Dissonance: The Yates-Ives Relationship and the Role of Los Angeles in the Reception of Ives's Music"

23 September: Dr. John Gingerich (Lecturer, the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University), "Schubert's Beethoven Project"

14 September: Christopher Bowen (M.M. student, CUA), "Katerina Izmaylova and Shostakovich: Violence and Sympathy"

28 September: Thad Garrett (Music Library Assistant and M.A./M.S.L.S. student, CUA) leads an informal discussion on how to incorporate and manipulate music examples in Microsoft Word documents

11 October: Dr. Anna Harwell Celenza (Thomas E. Caestecker Professor of Music, Georgetown University), "Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, and the Adventures of Peer Gynt in America"

18 October: Laura Yust (M.A. student, CUA) leads an informal discussion on tips on organizing your sources when conducting primary source research

2 December: Ken Stilwell (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Song and 'Musicomantics': Should we strive for Performative Musicology? Musicologically-Inspired Performance? or an Affective Symbiosis?"

9 December: Dr. Fred Everett Maus (Associate Professor of Music Theory, the University of Virginia), "We Were at the Beach: Politics and the B-52s"


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