The Catholic University of America

Musicology Colloquium, 2008-09

Spring 2009

26 January: Dr. Elise Kirk (Independent Scholar), "Charlotte Le Pelletier's Journal of Musick (1810)"

2 February: Dr. Denise von Glahn (Professor of Music, Florida State University), "On Nature's Behalf: 'Thinking Like a Mountain' in Music"

16 February: Emily H. Green (Ph.D. Candidate, Cornell University), "Not-so-simple Gifts: Musical Dedications and the Economy of Exchange, 1800-1850"

23 February: Karen Uslin (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Viktor Ullmann's Der Kaiser von Atlantis and the Terezín Concentration Camp"

9 March: Mark Eden Horowitz (Senior Music Specialist, Library of Congress), "Research in American Musical Theater and Special Collections in the Library of Congress."  This talk is given as part of the 2009 Catholic University President's Festival of the Arts, "If It's Not One Thing, It's Another"

16 March: Dr. R. Larry Todd (Professor of Music, Duke University), "Fanny Hensel, the Other Mendelssohn, and the Mendelssohn Bicentenary."  This talk is given as part of the 2009 Catholic University President's Festival of the Arts, "If It's Not One Thing, It's Another"

23 March: Dr. Greta Olson (Professor of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong), "Valencian Lamentations 1533-1700: Changing Texts, Tunes, and Philosophies"

30 March: Dr. Bonny Miller (Independent Scholar), "Voices of a Nation: Reflections of World War I in American Magazine Music"

6 April: Dr. Wendy Heller (Professor of Music, Princeton University), "Dancing the Myth of Venice: Opera, Public Statuary, and il ballo delle statue"

20 April: Matthew Wallace (M.A. student, CUA), "Crossing Periods: Placing Beethoven's Septet"

Fall 2008

8 September: Dr. Grayson Wagstaff (Associate Professor, CUA), "Villa-Lobos' String Trio and His Commissions from the Library of Congress" 

15 September: Karren Alenier (Poet and Librettist), "Opera Collaboration: Pushing a Few Tender Buttons"

22 September: Dr. Thomas Riis (Joseph Negler Professor of Musicology and Director of the American Music Research Center, University of Colorado), "The First African-American Musical Comedy"

29 September: Dr. Katherine Preston (David N. & Margaret C. Bottoms Professor of Music, The College of William and Mary), "Conducting Archival Research in American Music: Reconstructing the 1853-54 American Tour by Louis Jullien's Orchestra"

6 October: Alex Abdoulaev (Ph.D. student, Boston University), "Intertextuality in Lindy Hop: The Evolution of Jazz Dance at the Savoy Ballroom"

20 October: Dr. Andrew E. Simpson (Associate Professor of Composition and Music Theory, CUA), "Against Whatever War: Mikis Theodorakis' Operatic Lysistrata"

27 October: Nelson Nino (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Working on Chilean Periodicals for the RIPM Project"

3 November: Joseph Horowitz (Artistic Director, Post-Classical Ensemble), "American Music: Problems and Solutions"

10 November: Jami Moore (M.A. student, CUA), "Whether Today or Tomorrow: Plurality as a Factor of Time in Der Rosenkavalier"

24 November: Dr. Cristina Magaldi (Associate Professor, Towson University), "'World music' in Rio de Janeiro at the Turn of the 20th Century"

1 December: Dr. Rebecca Maloy (Assistant Professor, The University of Colorado), "Aspects of Compositional Planning and Properization in the Old Hispanic Sacrificia."


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