The Catholic University of America

Musicology Colloquium, 2006-07

Spring 2007

18 January: Alicia Kopfstein-Penk (Ph.D. Candidate, CUA), "Choosing a Dissertation Topic and Preparing a Proposal at CUA"

1 February: Dr. Karen Ahlquist (Professor of Music, The George Washington University), "Chorus and Community: Musicology, a Book, and an Idea"

8 February: Dr. Graham Elliot (Director of Music, St. Paul's Rock Creek Church), "Benjamin Britten: The Plainsong Dimension"

15 February: W. Gerard Poole (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Maryland, College Park), "Ritual, Music, and Emotions: Experience and Symbol in the Processional Pilgrimage of El Rocío"

8 March: Dr. Jennifer DeLapp Birkett (Adjunct Faculty, CUA), "Research Topics in Music and Politics at the National Archives"

15 March: Mark Eden Horowitz (Senior Music Specialist, the Library of Congress), "Candide and the Leonard Bernstein Collection at the Library of Congress." This colloquium was given as part of the 2007 Catholic University President's Festival of the Arts, "The Politics of Comedy"

22 March: Dr. Geraldine Rohling (Archivist, the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception), "Unknown Treasures of the Diocese of Passau"

12 April: Dr. Robert Waters (Lecturer, Winston-Salem State University), "Déodat de Séverac and Regional Identity in Fin de Siécle France"

19 April: Dr. Joti Rockwell (Visiting Assistant Professor, The George Washington University), "Contemporary Bluegrass Fiddling and the Transmission of Innovation"

26 April: Dr. Andrew H. Weaver (Assistant Professor, CUA), "Modernism and the Death of the Idealist: Reinterpreting Strauss's Don Quixote"


Fall 2006

7 September: Dr. Andrew H. Weaver (Assistant Professor, CUA), "Sacred Music and Monarchical Representation in tempore belli: The Austrian Habsburgs at the End of the Thirty Years' War"

5 October: Timothy Ballard (Ph.D. student, CUA), "A Political Plot in Venice: An Examination of Antonio Sartorio's Giulio Cesare in Egitto (1676)"

12 October: Dr. Anna Harwell Celenza (Thomas E. Caestecker Professor and Chair of Music, Georgetown University), "Popular Darwinism and Music Aesthetics in fin de siècle Vienna"

19 October: Ken Stilwell (Ph.D. student, CUA), "Rameau and the 'Noble Savage': Comparing Two Versions of Les Sauvages"

26 October: Dr. Denise Gallo (Senior Music Specialist, the Library of Congress), "Falstaff's Sonnet and the Petrarchan Voice"

9 November: Natasha Zelensky (Ph.D. Candidate, Northwestern University), "Autumnal Diasporas: Conceptions of the Russian Émigré Community in New York"

16 November: Matthew Morrison (M.A. student, CUA), "The Art of the Fugue According to Hindemith"

7 December: Dr. Therese Ellsworth (Independent Scholar), "Women Pianists in Nineteenth-Century London Concert Life"


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